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Mommy Makeover

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A Mommy Makeover is a term used to signify a combination of procedures that address the after effects of childbearing; such as, loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, and sagging, deflated breasts. Generally, a Mommy Makeover procedure involves a combination of breast surgery and abdominal surgery.

is a mommy makeover right for me?

We recommend that this procedure be performed after all planned childbearing has occurred and after approximately one year has passed. Some patients will elect to have the procedure even if they anticipate having children in the future, but, they should expect this to occur 2-5 years later. Additional procedures may be necessary with additional weight loss or pregnancies since there will be more relaxation of the skin.

common questions and concerns

Should I be worried about combining multiple procedures at one time? There are great benefits to undertaking multiple procedures at one time. The doctor can often place breast implants through the tummy tuck incision, eliminating incisions and possible scarring on the breast, chest or in the underarm area. Also, combining procedure can also help condense recovery time and reduce overall surgery costs.

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what are my surgical options?

The surgeries can range from Breast Reduction, to Breast Augmentation, to a Breast Lift, usually combined with an Abdominoplasty and/or Liposuction.

A tummy tuck and liposuction remedies loose abdominal skin and fat, as well as tightening muscles that have relaxed or separated after the strain of carrying a child. A breast lift and augmentation restore or often even improve upon your pre-nursing breast shape. During your consultation, Dr. Collins will discuss your surgical options and which combined procedures are recommended in order to reach your personal goals. Women attain a variety of benefits from a Mommy Makeover; in addition to enhancing their appearance and self-image, it enables them to condense their recovery into one period.

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