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Laser Resurfacing


Dr. Collins achieves optimum results for laser resurfacing by using the superior technology of the Sciton Contour TRL™ and ProFractional™ platforms, utilizing an erbium:YAG laser incorporating the absolute best of resurfacing laser technology.

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$2000 OFF Your Facelift

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Complimentary Laser Resurfacing with Facelift

*See below for full terms and restrictions.

why choose us for laser resurfacing?

With Sciton Contour TRL™ and ProFractional™ erbium:YAG laser technology, we can achieve unparalleled resurfacing results compared to other laser technologies on the market (such as CO2).

Both Contour TRL™ and ProFractional™ laser technologies have a wide-range of capabilities.  Contour TRL™ technology allows Dr. Collins to control the level of ablation and resurfacing (from light to full/deep).  The “TRL” stands for Tunable Resurfacing Laser.  ProFractional™ technology is able to ablate narrow-diameter channels into the skin, covering a fraction of the total treatment area.  This action initiates the body’s wound healing response, while leaving the surrounding tissue intact for rapid healing and provides results comparable to full-field resurfacing. The ability of the Contour TRL™ to be completely customized to a patients needs makes it superior to other CO2 laser technologies.  Overall benefits of both technologies include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times, and consistent and tunable results that can range from subtle to dramatic.

which laser treatment is right for me?

Everyone’s skin is different.  With so many choices, scheduling a consultation with Dr. Collins will help guide you toward the treatment option that will best fit your needs.  Contour TRL™ laser treatments are most effective on the face and neck (though other areas of the body may be a candidate).  ProFractional™ laser treatment options include:  face, chest, neck, arms, back, and hands.  For maximum treatment results, a combination of laser resurfacing and/or BBL™ treatments can be used.   Dr. Collins will help you weigh desired results, costs, recovery and downtime to make the best decision for you.

how long will the results last?

Results from Contour TRL™ and ProFractional™ laser treatments depend how deep and how extensive the procedure is–meaning, the deeper the treatment, the better the results, but recovery and downtime will increase.  Nothing can stop the aging process, but most patients see the amazing benefits of these superior Sciton laser treatments for many years with proper skin care and maintenance.

more options

Halo™ Hybrid Fractional Laser – highly effective laser treatment with minimal downtime and incredible results.

BBL™ Laser (BroadBand Light) – remove sun damage and hyperpigmentation with no downtime.

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before and after

Take a look at real before and after images to show the effects of laser resurfacing skin treatments. Click images to enlarge.

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Terms and Restrictions for Facelift Special:  Offer ends 11/30/18.  May not combine with any other discount, special, or promotion.  May choose between either $2000 OFF facelift surgery OR Complimentary Laser Resurfacing with facelift surgery.  To receive Complimentary Laser Resurfacing, the procedure must be performed at same time as facelift surgery.  Some additional restrictions may apply.  Please see Synergy Plastic Surgery for full details when booking.

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