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A Guide to Breast Augmentation At DrStewartCollins.com

Breast augmentation is an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery that can help women who are self-conscious about the small size of their breasts to get a bigger chest that looks and feels natural.

There are many ways to perform breast surgery, with different types of implants to consider as well as the incisions and implant placement. Below is a guide to breast augmentation surgery, including an explanation of how the surgery is performed and the different types of implants available.

How breast augmentation is done

Initial consultation – During the initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss what it is you want to achieve and let you know the different options as far as implants and techniques go. Your surgeon will also do an assessment of your breasts to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for surgery.

Day of surgery – On the day of the surgery, you’ll be prepared for the operation and have a chance to speak with your surgeon. Breast augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia. Once the patient is under, the incisions are made in the breasts and the implants are placed. Dr Collins utilizes the Keller Funnel technique for implant placement. This is a big plus for patients since the risk of complication is greatly decreased. Implants can be placed underneath or above the pectoralis muscle, depending on circumstances. Once the implants are in place, the incisions are then sutured.


Types of implants

When it comes to the implants that are used in breast augmentation, the two main choices are saline and silicone. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed with you during your consultation.

In addition to standard saline and silicone implants, we also offer Allergan silicone implants, including Natrelle. The type of implant that is best for you will depend on the look and feel you desire. You’ll be given all the information you need during your consultation to make a fully informed decision.

Schedule a consultation

Dr Collins has successfully performed breast augmentation surgery on countless patients from his clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina.

If you’d like to book a consultation with Dr Collins then get in touch. You’ll be able to have all your questions answered so you can make a final decision as to whether you want to go ahead with the surgery or not.

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