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Body Lift

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Body lift surgery is performed to correct excess loose and sagging skin. Surgical body lifting improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. Incision patterns vary based on the area or areas treated as well as the degree of correction needed. Body lift procedures can include abdominoplasty, thigh lift, brachioplasty (arm lift), and breast lift surgery.

is a body lift right for me?

Patients who have lost large amounts of weight with gastric bypass surgery and other weight loss procedures represent a growing population as these surgeries have become more popular.  With massive weight loss, excessive loose skin and fatty deposits result and multiple anatomic areas are affected.  The abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, and even back tissue are prime areas to target for excisional surgery.

Generally we recommend delaying these procedures at least one year to 18 months after the weight loss surgery to allow you to achieve a stable weight.  These procedures are best performed at your goal weight.  Occasionally, they can be performed before achieving your desired ideal body weight when the excess loose skin becomes a barrier to proper exercise. 

common questions and concerns

Is it safe to have multiple procedures done at one time? A body lift is a comprehensive, personalized treatment. Performing procedures on multiple areas of your body at once can save you time, money, and discomfort. In addition, your body lift surgery may be a good time to undergo any other cosmetic treatments you’ve always wanted, such as a facelift or breast augmentation.

However you must be prepared for a longer recovery period. During your consultation, Dr. Collins will discuss with you what surgical process is best suited for you.

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what are my surgical options?

Some surgeons refer to a full body lift as an upper and lower body lift. In an upper body lift, the arms are treated with an arm lift and the breasts are contoured with a breast lift.

The lower body lift called a belt lipectomy, one of the most popular types. Many patients find that the majority of weight loss occurs in areas such as the buttocks, hips, and thighs. To begin your lower body lift, Dr. Collins will make an incision around the belt-line of your waist, across your lower abdomen, and down your inner thighs. The particular patterns for your incisions will depend on your specific needs. Dr. Collins will work to place your incisions such that your scars can be hidden by underwear or clothing. Dr. Collins will then use these incisions to access and remove excess fat and tissue before pulling your skin taut and trimming it.

A total body lift is a much more intensive procedure than an upper or lower body lift. Many plastic surgeons perform it in stages, as the full surgery can take between four and seven hours to complete. During total body lift surgery, Dr. Collins will begin by completing a mid-body lift, making an incision into your abdomen, around your waist, and down to your upper thighs. Once he has firmed your underlying muscles, removed unwanted fat, trimmed away excess skin, and pulled it smooth, Dr. Collins will close and bandage your incisions.

Next, Dr. Collins will perform an upper body lift, which may be done on the same day or at a separate appointment. During this part of the procedure, he will address sagging skin, fat, and tissue on your arms, back, and breasts according to your wishes. Dr. Collins will make an incision into your underarms to tighten your muscles, remove excess fat, and trim the skin for a fitter look. Dr. Collins will do the same for your back by creating either a horizontal incision across it or two vertical incisions on either side.

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